There is no single best way to learn photography, because what one person thinks is best, won't be for the other. I will show & tell you ways that have helped me immensely, which might help you build start building your own path to success.

I would say my top 3 best ways to learn the art of photography are:


Picking up a book, or reading on article has been one of my favorite ways to learn. Millions upon millions of books are available, either at your local library or on your phone. Even audiobooks are an amazing tool to utilize for creatives/photographers! On your way to your 9-5, on your way to the gym, or while you're at the gym listen to a photography podcast.


It's all about who you know in this world, and if you network, and meet numerous individuals there's more of a chance that you will meet someone that will either be a help in pushing you toward your goal, or be your full time career opportunity. There are so many local creative/photographer meetups everywhere, and they often have either free or very low costing classes about the basics of photography.

Watch videos

The internet is larger than space, and holds so much knowledge and information, especially photography. YouTube, and Instagram are great media to find and learn from creatives/photographers on those platforms.